How to buy a Rocket League item

You can buy Rocket League items on Gameflip as any other item, but given the nature of the trading system inside this game, we encourage you to follow the steps below after buying an item:

1. You will have to exchange Xbox, Playstation, or Steam names in the order comments after you purchase your item and coordinate a time when you are both online.

2. Add the seller as a friend and then join a party with them when you are both online.

  • Take a screenshot of the Lobby showing you in the party with the seller.*

3. Once in-game, open up the trade interface with the seller to inspect and accept the trade offer.

  • Take a screenshot of the open trade offer window showing the item being received.*
  • Take a screenshot of the purchased item in the "New Item Received" screen.*

See examples below:


After you have completed the trade be sure to rate the seller. 

If any issues arise place a hold on the purchase to freeze the 3 day auto-rate timer and contact us to let us know what the problem is. Be sure to attach the screenshots you saved as evidence for your claim.

* If you are selling a Rocket League item, please also take screenshots of the Lobby screen and the trade screen in case there are any disagreements.

How to take a screenshot with Xbox One:

Double tap the Xbox button on the controller to open the Snap menu. Press the Y button to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot with Playstation 4:

Press and hold the "Share" button.

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