Why is Gameflip charging $1 on my card instead of using credits and cash balance?

Stripe, the third-party service we use for all of our credit card transactions, requires that a minimum of $1 is charged to your credit card for a transaction to occur. Therefore, in a situation where Cash or Credit Balance is applied towards a purchase leaving less than $1 to be charged to your card, Gameflip will charge the $1 minimum instead and deduct the remaining value from your Credit or Cash Balance.

Example: You have $2 in Credits, $4.70 in Cash Balance and purchased an item that costs $7. Instead of charging the remaining $0.30 on your credit card, Gameflip will take $2 in Credits, $4 in Cash, and charge $1 on your credit card. The remaining $0.70 from your Cash Balance won't be deducted and can be used towards further purchases or withdraws.

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