How to find the Payment Verification code?

Credit/Debit Card:

The 4-character code we are asking for during the Under Review process can be found on your payment statement under activity. You will need to login to either your credit card or bank account used for the purchase to find this. It will be the 4-character code that is in front of the title of the item you purchased from Gameflip in the statement description.

Please note that your payment is in the processing state when this happens which means your payment hasn't technically been deducted from your account. You may need to wait up to a few hours for this code to appear depending on how your bank handles processing payments.

Please DO NOT send us your card's CVV or any other number outside of this code we are asking for.



If you used PayPal as your payment method, a verification email with the 4-character code will be sent to your PayPal email address. You'll need to be able to access this email in order to complete the verification process. Please make sure to also check your Spam folder if you do not see this email in your Inbox.


If you fail the payment verification, any subsequent purchases will always be placed Under Review until a Gameflip representative reaches out to you. Please note that you will only have a few hours to input the code before being canceled.

We ask for this to make sure you actually have access to your payment account. 

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