How to retrieve my Skin back from a Bot?

If you no longer would like to sell a Skin you had listed with the Automatic Delivery via Bot method. You will first need to move the listing to Draft by clicking the Edit button on the listing.

While in Edit mode of the listing, you'll need to click the "Return Item" link to start the trade of your Skin back into your Steam account.


The following pop up notification will appear after this. Click "Start Bot Trade" to initiate the trade. Please note that you'll only have 2 minutes to complete the transfer or you'll receive an error message and need to restart the process.


Then click "See trade offer".


This will take you to Steam to complete the trade. First you'll need to click the "Confirm trade contents" button, followed by the "Accept Trade" button.


Steam will then provide you a "Trade Completed" message. Go ahead and press the "Close window" button.


Now head back to your Gameflip listing and press the "I've completed Bot Trade" button.


You've now successfully retrieved your Skin from your Gameflip listing back into your Steam Inventory. Please note that if you want to re-list the Skin that you just retrieved, you'll have to create a brand new listing to do so.

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