How to create multiple copies of a listing?

This feature is only available on Digital listings that use the Automatic Delivery option. You'll first need to create one Digital code listing of the product you'd like to create multiple listings of. Once you have the listing On Sale, you'll need to click the 'lighting bolt' icon .


This will trigger a pop-up box in which you'll be able to paste multiple codes/links for the amount of listings you'd like to create. Please note that you'll have to add each code/link on a separate line in order to create multiple listings. Once you've entered in the amount of listings you'd like to create, click Submit.


Then you'll be able to confirm the amount of listings that will be created, and click Confirm.


A progress bar will pop up showing you the listings being created. Please do not close your browser or navigate while this is going.


Once this process is completed, you'll be able to see your newly created listings in your Draft tab of your Listings section. From here you can review and edit these listings. Once you've reviewed your listings, you can bulk list and put your listings On Sale.


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