How to create a Bot listing?

We offer an automated Bot delivery feature for Skin listings, which will automatically deliver your Skin to your Buyer without having to coordinated Steam trades. To create a listing with the Bot feature, follow the steps outlined below.


1. Click the "+Sell" button in the top right of the header on the website.

2. On the initial Start Selling screen, you will need to choose "Digital Item" which will drop down a terms section to check mark.


3. You will next need to choose the "Skins" category and select the game of the in-game item you are selling is tied to.


4. If this is your first time creating a Skins listing, you will need to connect your Steam account. Click the Steam button and log into your account to connect. You will not need to do this on any subsequent listings from now on as your Steam automatically will be now tied to your Gameflip account.


5. After you have connected your Steam account, you'll be able to view your Steam Inventory within Gameflip and be able to select the item that you want to sell. Any item that is not available to sell will be grayed out. Go ahead and select the item you'd like to sell and click "Select".


6. Your item's Image and Description will automatically be pulled and filled out for you. You will next need to deposit your item into the Automatic delivery via Bot. Click the "Deposit Item" link to start this.


7. This will bring a pop-up letting you know that you'll need to complete the Steam Trade within 5 minutes or the trade offer will be canceled. Go ahead and click the "Start Bot Trade" button.


8. After this you'll be sent a Steam Trade Offer in which you'll need to accept in Steam. To go directly to this trade offer, you can click the "See trade offer" link.


9. On the trade offer screen, you'll need to hit the "Confirm trade contents" button underneath Your items.


10. This will bring up a suspicious warning because you are trading your item to our Bot which doesn't offer anything in return in this trade. Go ahead and click "Yes, this is a gift" button.


11. After this, go ahead and click the "Accept Trade" button.


12. Once you accept the trade, an additional confirmation pop-up you'll be presented stating that you'll need to confirm this trade in your Steam Confirmations to make sure you are the Steam account owner. Go ahead and click accept when this trade appears. 


13. Once you've confirmed the trade, go back to your Gameflip listing, and click the "I've completed Bot Trade" button.


14. From here you can fill out the Price you'd like to sell your item for and the Expiration time. Then click "Done". 


15. You'll be presented with a pop-up message asking if you'd like to list your item onto the marketplace or save your item for later to continue to edit or list at a later time. 


Congrats! You've listed your item. If you'd even like to retrieve your item back from the Bot, you can do so with the steps outlined in the following FAQ article; How to retrieve my Skin back from a Bot?.


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